The title of this article seems to be the title of a very stupid article. But in fact it’s worth reading. It shows what happens when a domain expires and the owner has not renewed it yet.

Did you know it is put in ‘hold’ for 60 days?
Did you know after that 60 days the domain acquires the ‘soon to drop’ state and on 06:30 of the 6th day the domain is definitely free?
I didn’t!

Read that and more at eCommerceBase, in this article.

After a long time with no news, today (at last) I had time to sit down in front of a computer, update the page and paste a lot of news.

During the next week we will jump to a new server, an old Pentium-133 MHz machine, with 500 Mbytes of hard-disk and 48 Mebibytes of RAM.

This machine, called D’Artagnan, will run Debian GNU/Linux, Slash(finally, you will be able to write without having to ask me for a login & pass), Apache and Tomcat.
It’s not a powerful machine, but it’s more than enough for our traffic by now (that machine could serve round 50,000 pages/day).
The only problem is bandwith: it’s only a 128 Kbps link. I hope it’ll be enough.

Ten years ago, when people get bored, they masturbated frenetically until they went to sleep. Today, people does strange (and sometimes useful) things.
This is one of the most incredible utilities for a Pringles tin: making an antenna. You can read the article in O’Reillynet and see a photo here.

Get a lot of info about antennas in the Antennas WebSite of the Technical University of Valencia (information is in Spanish and in English).

If you have a CRT monitor (the most usual ones people with desktop computers have), you can broadcast your voice or simply favourite music. How? With Tempest for Eliza. The program moves the cathodic ray tube [CRT] of you monitor, and the interferences fall in the AM band. Incredible. Read comments at Slashdot.
Update: you can also use your motherboad to broadcast in the FM band… read Slashdot’s story or visit author’s page (web page seems not to work, Google seems not to have it in cache).
Another update: this page is full of info about Tempest: