Qt and KDE will be present at FOSDEM, the largest open-source event in Europe. One more year, we will be sharing the Desktops DevRoom with Gnome, Unity, Enlightenment, LXQt and Hawaii (a Qt Quick desktop environment). We recently published the schedule for the devroom, which will be also available in the printed booklet available at the front desk.


For the 2014 edition, the FOSDEM organization wants to achieve 100% recording of presentations. That means every presentation, in every room (devroom, lightning talk, main conference, etc) must be recorded. That’s hundreds of talks. While the FOSDEM and devrooms organization teams comprise a lot of people, we are far too busy already with the organizative stuff and cannot spend time doing the actual recordings.

Good thing is, you can help!

Do you want to join the FOSDEM Video Team and receive the t-shirt? We are now looking for volunteer cameramen (and camerawomen, of course 🙂 ).

FOSDEM will provide you with equipment and training, you only need to start recording, focus, make sure nobody gets between the camera and the speaker/stage, etc. You do NOT need to record the whole track, even one talk recording would help. More details on what will be required from you are available in this e-mail from Wouter.

Please contact me (pgquiles at elpauer dot org) if you are interested in recording one or more presentations from the Desktops DevRoom.