Imagine you are a busy sysadmin. You have to stay in front of the computer as closer to 24/7 as possible, of course.

As every sysadmin, you love coffee (and need it to survive!). But every minute that passes while you go to the coffee machine and wait the coffe is a lost minute. Mumble, mumble… what could you do?

Here is the perfect solution: it’s a CPU box with an incorporated coffee machine!. People are very mad these days… %-)

The NASA wants to install mind-reader machines in US airports to prevent terrorism.

Human mind sends electrical waves when working (this is part of the synapse mechanism). The so-projected mind-readers would be able to detect and understand this waves, so that if you have “thinkings agains the US interests” you’ll be arrested by the FBI.

Man! Everyghing is getting more and more like George Orwell‘s 1984 🙁