Did you know the code the compiler generates to handle C++ exceptions is not written in stone? I did not.

Did you know there are two preponderant styles to do that, DWARF(2) and SJLJ? I did not

When most of the unit tests in ZeroC ICE failed after building it with MinGW, I suspected something was wrong. It turned out the stable MinGW version provides gcc/g++ 3.4.5, which implements exceptions using the SJLJ style but has not implemented propagatation of user exceptions across libraries. That was the reason why unit tests were failing.

I have already built third party dependencies (OpenSSL, Bzip2, Expat and BerkeleyDB) with a gcc/g++ 4.2.1 which produces SJLJ code and is able to propagate user exceptions. ICE is now building on the side (some warnings and info messages are shown, let’s see what happens as some of them are not my fault).