When I blogged about the freehand region capture feature I added to KSnapshot a couple of weeks ago, it caught me by surprise that post quickly turned into a wishlist for KSnapshot. I didn’t expect people missed anything in our good old KSnapshot after so many years of development.

Some of the feature requests were very difficult to implement (antialiasing in freehand capture; drop me an e-mail if you know how to do without redrawing the whole selection polygon)[DONE thanks to kdepepo, will be in 4.6] but most of them are pretty reasonable, in my opinion: include mouse pointer, annotations, send to mail, send to Facebook, print, etc.

I quickly started looking into how to e-mail the picture, how to print it, how to send to Facebook, etc, which seemed quite some work. And then Aleix pointed me to a very easy and quick way of getting all those and more in KSnapshot: the KIPI plugins Gwenview, Digikam and others are using.

This is the result:

Now you can send you ksnapshots to Facebook:

Or print your screenshot: