Yesterday I fixed the Phonon DirectShow 9 backend for Windows. Now audio and video are available to KDE applications on Windows, which means Amarok 2-trunk works! Currently, it can only play .WMA files (I think I have to install the .ax files for the MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc codecs in the KDE bin or libs directory, I’ll try and fix that next week). In the meanwhile, you need patch #6 if you want to build Amarok on Windows and hear something. Please note I’ve only tried to build it with MSVC2005, not MinGW, not MSVC2008 yet.

This afternoon I started to add Visual C++ 2008 support to the emerge tool to build KDE 4 on Windows. After a few changes, I tried to build Qt 4.4.0 but it failed.

“Why, oh why?” I wondered. I had previously built Qt 4.4.0 using VC++2008.

Turns out on this computer I had installed the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack, which adds some nice stuff (if the Office 2007 look tastes nice to you) but also breaks some stuff (mostly MFC but also some math functions).

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix the issue: just do not #include <xmath> and everything will work fine. As the same codebase has to work with many other compilers, I cannot just get rid of that line of code: I need to #if-case it for VC++2008 with Feature Pack.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check for “VC++2008 with Feature Pack”. Sure, you can check for VC++2008 by checking _MSC_VER >= 1500. Easy. Unluckily, the only way to check for the Feature Pack is to check _MFC_VER (check you have MFC 9.0.30411 instead of 9.0.21022), which is only defined if you #include <afxver_ .h>. Of course that file #includes many other files, which means some ugly, confusing problem is waiting to happen.

How dumb can you be, Microsoft? Why aren’t you changing _MSC_VER, too, and make my life easier?