Yesterday I fixed the Phonon DirectShow 9 backend for Windows. Now audio and video are available to KDE applications on Windows, which means Amarok 2-trunk works! Currently, it can only play .WMA files (I think I have to install the .ax files for the MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc codecs in the KDE bin or libs directory, I’ll try and fix that next week). In the meanwhile, you need patch #6 if you want to build Amarok on Windows and hear something. Please note I’ve only tried to build it with MSVC2005, not MinGW, not MSVC2008 yet.

One Thought on “Amarok 2 on Windows

  1. I tried out the instructions given at Techbase, but everytime the compilation halts with some error. I tried googling for the error, but no help was forthcoming.
    do you know of any other way of compiling Amarok2 on Windows? Preferably with mingw…

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