Yesterday I stayed up until 4:30 AM while trying to fix Amarok to works on Windows and when I got it to build it was so late I was too tired to test it. So I fired it this morning and this is the result (click for larger images):

I have tested and it plays MP3, WMA, APE and whatever Magnatune streams on. Built with Visual C++ 2008.

Update Two more screenshots added and in case you were wondering, yes, Plasma works!

11 Thoughts on “Amarok 2 on Windows (will full codec support)

  1. is it possible to download this version for windows?

  2. @Danijel: if you mean downloading precompiled binaries using the KDE Windows installer, the answer is no. You can install Visual C++ and build it yourself using emerge, though.

  3. Fonts look pretty lame on Windows. I realize this isn’t amarok specific, but do you happen to know if this is going to be improved?

  4. It’s probably my system, I’m using the default fonts an Amarok probably wants some special font (i. e. Bitstream Vera, DjVu Libre, etc).

  5. Hey there,

    i was wondering if you could maybe mail me a small guide on building amarok on windows, or at least point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. @Paulo
    It’s very easy, just download follow this guide ( ) and do “emerge amarok”. Make sure you have installed the Platform SDK (only if using Visual C++ Express Edition) and the DirectX SDK.

  7. I tried out the instructions given at Techbase, but everytime the compilation halts with some error. I tried googling for the error, but no help was forthcoming.
    do you know of any other way of compiling Amarok2 on Windows? Preferably with mingw…

  8. Is it that hard to upload the installer/binary?
    This is Windows, not Gentoo, if it works in your system, it works in mine.
    Put it in rapidshare or something…. please?

  9. You no longer need to build Amarok yourself, just download and use the KDE on Windows installer from

  10. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this release. Oh, god, ever since I’ve tried it on my linux test machine I’ve been yearning to have it full time on Windows.

    Does it ac3 support?

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