This man should be really stupid. Sure. In this article he states that Apple is anti-Christian (‘cos Mac OS X is based on Darwin), FreeBSD developers are devil friends (remember the logo) and a lot of other ridiculous things.

What more scares me is there’s people out there who believes in trolls like Mr. Paley. All these people need to visit The Skeptical Inquirer, the Skeptic Review or sites-like (in Spanish: Alternativa Racional a las Pseudociencias – Sociedad para el Avance del Pensamiento Crítico)

By the way, here you have another demonstration of stupidity (with FreeBSD’s logo, again).

Caja Negra Teatro representa “El perro del hortelano”, de Lope de Vega

Mi ex-grupo de teatro representa del 25 al 28 de abril en la Universitat Politècnica de València la obra de teatro “El perro del hortelano”. Teneis información completa en el web de Caja Negra Teatro

Os recomiendo que vayais a verla, el año pasado representamos “Cruzadas” (de Michel Azama) y “El sueño de una noche de verano” (de William Shakesperare), con un rotundo éxito (más de 4000 espectadores).

DIY: PC water cooler

Here you have an article explaining how to build your own PC water-cooled freezer. With photos. Funny, at least.

Here you have it: an electronics company has developed drinking glasses which signal when they are almost empty so that table staff know when to bring a refill.

Of course, it has been invented in Japan.