My first contribution to the KDE project, specifically, to KOffice

CVS commit by mlaurent:
Apply patch from Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgquiles AT elpauer DOT org> (Improve create html slideshow)
Just add a special text when time between slide == 0 (Disable)

CCMAIL: Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgquiles AT elpauer DOT org>

M +200 -83
M +23 -6 webpresentation.h

ed on March 18th, 2005. I don’t know why it doesn’t show in the KDE CVS Digest

So you belived Microsoft and you thought XP is the most stable version of Windows out there? In fact it’s not. Zappadodle‘s people say this will break it:

main (){
  for (;;)
    printf ("Hung uptbbbbbb") ;

Well, I’ve not tried it, but I think it should not crash (at least, not with every compiler: it should depend on what microinstructions the compiler generates). If anyone could comment on this, please do so.