This guy should have lotta free time and also lotta money. He’s putting various things into the microwave and watching what happens.

By the way, I have the correct answer to most of the experiments he did: the microwave (really, the magnetron) broke. Of course, those (failed) experiments do not appear in the web page.

Have you ever seen an hologram? No? Now you can see them and also make them.

Here’s an AOL guy who has managed to mount an hologram-generator system from a PIN diode. You can see some photos (2D, of course)

There are some other sites talking ’bout holography: drawn by hand, creating different types of holograms, The Holography Book, Google’s directory and Holoworld (by the creator of diode’s holography).

Of course, you can also look at Slashdot‘s discussion on this topic.

Pa’ fliparla. Unos tíos que han hecho una canción (en plan cantautor) sobre cómo hacer una tortilla de patatas. Tiene miga el asunto. El caso es que la canción mola, el único problema es que la deben haber grabado conectando los auriculares que te regala Renfe a la entrada de microfono de una SoundBlaster de 8 bits y mono, porque se escucha como el culo.

En fin, bajaosla y juzgad vosotros mismos X-D

Some (too) puritan people have been bugging me about that link of Lego porn. They say my page has lost its point (what? did we ever had a point?).

Now, specially for them, a new page with Lego toys as the stars: The Holly Bible (Old and New Testament) with Legos.

Here is the link!

Yeah! Remember: if you are under 18 (or 21 y-o, depending on where you are) you should not continue reading. Porn is porn and is only for adults!

But… for this time I think we can make an exception: this is Lego porn. Really, I’ve heard of Barbie and Ken fucking around, but this is incredible: Lego figures making love (or something similar)? At least Barbie is a pretty girl…

Update: ok, I forgot to post the link. Here it is. Enjoy it.