So you belived Microsoft and you thought XP is the most stable version of Windows out there? In fact it’s not. Zappadodle‘s people say this will break it:

main (){
  for (;;)
    printf ("Hung uptbbbbbb") ;

Well, I’ve not tried it, but I think it should not crash (at least, not with every compiler: it should depend on what microinstructions the compiler generates). If anyone could comment on this, please do so.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has a paper explainin how to measure light speed using the ping command included with most operating systems. It’s very interesting.

An additional explaining: light speed is constant (c=3e8, aprox.), but propagation speed is not constant. It depends on the medium (being exact, it depends on the propagation constant, ß, of the medium) and can be calculated using one of the following equations:

vp=1/sqrt(μ*ε), where μ and ε are constant parameters that depend on the medium.


vp=2*pi*f/ß, where ß is the propagation constant of the medium.

For optical mediums a simpler expression is given using material’s effective refraction index (), but I cannot remember the expression now O:-)