Pau’s site on the web has been (finally) updated. Well, in fact it has been completely redesigned and content renewed.
Main changes:

  • Changed look & feel: this is now a weblog (kudos to Blogger for this service; and still better, it’s free as the beer!). If you want to post to the weblog, you have to ask me permission (don’t hesitate to e-mail me)
  • Changed language: new page is written in English (the former one was written in Catalan). Some very local contents will be in Catalan or (seldom) in Spanish.
  • New sections: programming, links, about me. In a (hopelly) close future there’ll be a new revolutionaire web-app that I’m developing. I’m also trying to patent it (my first patent, woohoo!)

BTW, the upper banner annoys me just as much as it does you. I’m just a poor student, so if you want it off, stop complaining and send me $12! (i.e. using PayPal).

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