Snuggle your head — and everything within it — inside a warm wool Klein Bottle Hat.

Pop an Acme Klein Bottle on your head!

It’s ideal for skiing, sleigh-rides, snowball fights, midwinter colloquia, Antarctic beach parties, and alpine chess tournaments. A perfect gift for anyone with a zero-volume head. An important accessory to the one-sided mind. An essential headwarmer for your non-orientable friends who are temporarily immersed in our 3-dimensions.

This Klein Bottle is hand knitted, so it’s seamless and perfectly contoured. It’s constructed of knit-purl-knit-purl, so the "outside" has the same pattern as the "inside". One sided? You betcha!

Buy a Klein Bottle Hat with a Matching Moebius Scarf for only $70 for the pair … less than the cost of sending a spacecraft most of the way to Mars! Available in over a dozen color combinations shown below.

Buy yours at http://www.kleinbottle.com

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