Yesterday I bought a coconut. Today, after some difficulties (I needed to use the hammer!), I could finally taste it…

Coconut water tastes horrible, it’s sweet and bitter at the same time. Coconut meat is somewhat stiff. Summary: horrible. Won’t ever try again.

In Cast away, Tom Hanks eats and drinks coconuts as mana… I guess coconuts taste better in the movies.

One Thought on “Coconuts taste better in the movies

  1. Cesar Villanueva on Tuesday 09th November 2004 at 02:09:18 said:

    Actually, here in Venezuela coconut water is a rather common beverage; you can see in some beaches people (including kids) doing lines to buy some and drink in haste.

    In some parts (Maracaibo, the oil emporium) coconut water is used with Whisky.

    Maybe the Cast Away coconuts were from Venezuela and the one that you drink not.

    Seriously, coconut water is a energy drink and is full of ingredients that could avoid that you
    become dehydrated; believe me, even in your case, if you have no fresh water around cocunut water is better than mana.


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