Every two or three days, I receive an e-mail from someone asking when the next version of the Javascript Browser Sniffer will be released and it’s beginning to be annoying, because it makes me feel lazy or something like.

So what am I going to do?

I am developing jsbrwsniff in my free time. Sure, it began as a project for the company I work for, but later it was released as open source and since then I work on it only in my free time. Yes, I know, it’s already been almost one year since the latest version. The explanation is very simple: my free time is scarce and I have lots of interests.

Now the good news: the next version is almost here, most probably at the end of May. What’s new? Well, a lot of things! Here comes a sneak preview of the “what’s new”:

  • New browsers (making a total of around 40)
  • New bots (excuse me, I cannot remember the number now)
  • Lots of new plugins are detected (Acrobat Reader, Windows Media, Real Player, QuickTime, Java, SVG…)
  • Will be enclosed in an object to avoid namespace conflicts (per request)
  • PHP script to create your own jsbrwsniff, supporting exactly the browsers you want, the bots you want and the plugins you want. This is still under development, but I think it will be ready very soon.

The rationale here is very simple: either just wait for me to have some free time to implement all this stuff, or pay me (my company) to do it. I will be very pleased.

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