I actually loved this movie by David Lynch.

The Straight Story tells the real story of Alvin Straight, a 73 years old man with a quiet life in a small country town (Laurens, Iowa). When his brother gets seriously sick, he decides to put away their differences and visit him after many, many years. So, alone, riding his lawnmower and towing a littler trailer, he begins a long journey through hundreds of miles, just to see again his brother, even if it’s the last thing he will ever do… Based on a real story.

There are some very emotional moments, like the dinner with the hitchhiking girl: When my kids were real little, I used to play a game with them. I give each one a small stick, one for each one of them, and say "you break that" and of course they could, that’d be easy. Then I say "tie the sticks in a bundle and try to break that". Of course they couldn’t. Then I’d say " that bundle, that’s family".

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