It’s been five and a half years now since the Twin Towers attack and Osaba Bin Laden is yet to be found. As time goes by, more and more is known about the ties between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family and how the Bin Ladens were let go without any questioning right after September 11th.

I, therefore, have come with a new hypothesis trying to explain why nobody has found Osama Bin Laden after more than five years of search.

Say the Bushs fucked the Bin Ladens in one or more than one of their common business. Say the little Osama did not take it too well. Say the little Osama is using the muslims to act on his behalf without the muslims knowing.

Essentially, it goes like this: the Bush family played some dirty tricks on the Bin Laden business and Osama wanted retaliation. How to get retaliation against a so powerful “enemy”? Use someone without him knowing. The muslims were the perfect target: there had already been some itch between the USA and the muslim world for many years before Sept. 11th, 2001. Osama Bin Laden disguises himself into a radical muslim cleric and calls for the Jihad against the USA with great success. Most probably the plan was to leave the radical muslim world after the WTC attack but it was so successful, so compelling for many muslim and anti-USA people, that he could not just disappear on Sept. 12th and he is forced to keep acting, to release some speeches on tape from time to time to feed the followers of this radical-Osama.

So, in summary, why haven’t we found Osama Bin Laden yet? I think it is because we are looking for the wrong Osamba Bin Laden. We are looking for a long-bearded Osama Bin Laden, one which is wearing a jallabah and a turban. But according to my hypothesis (which I can not proof), we should be looking for an occidental-looking Saudi Arab, one who dresses just like a rich French or British man would do: Armani suit, most probably without beard or moustache of any kind, doing business here and there and keeping himself far apart from muslims. He might even be pretending to be a Christian or Atheist. I make this proposition to the authorities: go and try to find that Osama Bin Laden, I am pretty confident you will find him.

One more thing: if my hypothesis is correct, Osama Bin Laden might have tried to use other useful fools before the muslims (Hugo Chavez/Fidel Castro, radical jews, the Chinese, etc.) but none of them dared to conduct such an attack on the USA.

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