Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the movies to see Batman: The Dark Knight but it was not without trouble!

Instead of going to nearby cinemas, as we usually do, we went to the IMF Cinemas in Torrevieja (a 45-min drive from home) because their website lists the movie as being played in original version (i. e. English) instead of the dubbed Spanish version. In case you didn’t know, movies are dubbed in Spain.

First of all, signs to the mall where the cinemas are located are scarce, so we ended up near the seafront. As we had plenty of time, we took the opportunity to go for a walk. Not that bad, in the end, but it we had been tight on time we would have not arrived in time for the movie.

After asking for directions twice, we arrived into the mall. Surprise: traffic jam due to lots of cars and only one lane in each direction. Second surprise: each shop has got its parking and the parking exit is closed when the shop closes. Given that we went to the 22.00 movie, that meant we had no other option than going to the cinema’s parking, which was already packed (first time we tried to get in it was complete, 15 minutes later we were luckier and got a spot).

But I’m not writing because it was difficult to get to the shopping center or to park my car. I’m writing because I was lied: I went to see a movie in original version but the movie is played in Spanish!

Turns out if you want to listen to the movie in English you have to deposit 20 EUR and you get a headphone set. You tune channel 1 and after 5 minutes you give up. You give up because the audio track in Spanish is so loud (the loudest cinema I’ve been in my life!) it’s impossible to properly understand the English audio. That’s in case you put up with the glitches, static and interruptions in the audio. “Latest infrarred technology”? Don’t make me laugh!

Other than that, the movie is OK. I don’t understand so much fanfare. I’ve read reviews which compare it to The Godfather. Give-me-a-break. It’s not even close!

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