When I search for a particular software application (Wt, CMake, etc), please show me, in the results page, the latest version and a link to the download page (or even to the file, if there is only one file to be downloaded) so that I do not need to enter the website, check if there is a newer version and, if there is, go to the download page. Here you have a mockup:

Mockup of Google showing the latest version of CMake in the results page

Mockup of Google showing the latest version of CMake in the results page

5 Thoughts on “Suggestion for search engines

  1. Please! This is not about KDE, why is it on kdeplanet then?

  2. There is a Google API to add such things in the search result. Maybe if Freshmeat has an API you could cook something like this up.

  3. @Alexei
    Blogs on planetkde are generally personal blogs. Though they often talk about KDE, they don’t always. Planet KDE puts a personal touch on KDE, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  4. Troels Kofoed Jacobsen on Monday 29th September 2008 at 07:45:20 said:

    This is a very neat idea, but I think this could be a huge security hole — at least if the downloads are found automatically by the indexer. The search machine needs to verify the authenticity of the download.
    If this could be done in a safe way, this would be really helpful.

    Best Regards

  5. @Troels… but i think is no need to look up in downloads, the most of the software in their websites have an rss implementation, the same rss can be indexed by google and then show up the results.

    btw. sorry my english

    p.s. Is a good idea

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