At work we are using the GStreamer backend to Phonon to play video from an RTSP source transparently. Turns out they fixed a lot of bugs and a nasty memory leak (more than 8 MB leaked every time you opened an RTSP media source!) in GStreamer 0.10.24, so I backported/packaged it for Ubuntu Jaunty. No Hardy backports this time, though, too much work and we are not deploying on Hardy.

GStreamer summary: libnice 0.0.9, GObject introspection 0.6.5, GStreamer Core, GStreamer plugins base, GStreamer plugins Farsight 0.10.12, GStreamer plugins ffmpeg, GStreamer plugins good 0.10.16, Python GStreamer bindings, GStreamer plugins bad 0.10.14, GNonLin 0.13, Farsight2 0.0.14, GStreamer DBUS service 0.1.17. I also rebuilt the latest versions GStreamer pitfdll plugins, GStreamer mpegmux, mpegdemux, mp3 and GStreamer plugins ugly against GStreamer

While I was waiting for all the GStreamer stuff to build, I also packaged NVidia driver 190.32 for Jaunty (and the nvidia-settings utility).

I tried to backport PackageKit 0.4.9 or 0.5.2 to Jaunty because KPackageKit 0.4 is broken (it won’t uninstall packages when it finds a “Conflicts” in a Debian package you are going to install; apt-get and aptitude do this fine). In the end it was too dangerous: after backporting and packaging a lot of stuff, I ended up in udev 147 being incompatible with Jaunty’s default kernel (2.6.28) due to a missing type definition (__u32). I could have fixed this in udev but I was feeling too much in the bleeding edge: I had backported PolicyKit 0.9.4, udev 143, debhelper 7.3.15 and usbutils 0.82. Too many too dangerous changes and now the udev fix? I’d rather not.

Although I removed by backports of packagekit, policykit, udev, debhelper and usbutils (they were up less than 12 hours), so much work had its bright side: I noticed xulrunner 1.9.1 was broken in Karmic due to missing NSPR pkg-config info. The new version required sqlite 3.6.16 and NSPR 4.8 and they are now available for Jaunty, too.

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