Another year, another FOSDEM. Yay, I’m attending again! The biggest open source event in Europe, with more than 200 conferences and 5,000 people.

This year I will be talking about KDE on Windows. Sunday, 10.15, CrossDesktop Room (H.1309). If you are interested in helping us with KDE on Windows development, in making use of KDE on Windows for your application, or just want to use your favorite KDE applications on Windows, then you should come.

2 Thoughts on “FOSDEM 2011

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  2. Agh! Would desperately love to see Krita on Windows come back from the dead, however while I am a contributor, I am neither a developer, or able to make it to Fosdem.

    When I look at the dashboard, it seems Krita has been failing to compile for months (something to do with kdcraw), but not sure exactly why. Any help us Krita people could give or anything the KDE-win team could do to help would be awesome. Krita as an app is mainly useful to artists who generally aren’t using Linux and don’t know how to compile, so getting Krita on Windows running again would make a big difference to us.


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