You sure know Qt demo. It provides a number of example applications and demonstrations that have been written to provide developers with examples of the Qt API in use, and showcase features found in each of Qt’s core technologies.

Wait. Don’t we have the Qt examples in the source tree to learn the API? Why is Qt Demo there? In my opinion, because it is a great seller: it’s a single and simple application which shows the greatest and best features of Qt. It’s a great tool to to convince your boss Qt is the right choice.

In KDE, we also have examples but we do not have a demo with bells and whistles.

My wish today: step in and create a KDE Demo showing the technologies and applications that make KDE a great platform: KIO, KParts, KAuth, Solid, Plasma, KXmlGui, KIPI plugins, Nepomuk, ThreadWeaver, Sonnet, KNewStuff, Kiosk mode, Kross, KDevPlatform, Phonon (some features are not present in the Qt version), Attica, KWallet, etc.

What would you like to see in a KDE Demo application? Do you think it could be material for a GSoC?

Update April 26th 2011 This idea has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2011, I am mentoring Jon Ander Peņalba this summer!

6 Thoughts on “A wish a day 4: KDE demo

  1. A working display-demo of all enhanced KDE widgets please.

  2. Yes, please!

    A proper demo would be excellent. There’s a big gap in the KDE “how to” type materials available, making getting started quite difficult.

  3. Really, It’s a great contribution to learning of KDE technology. Congratulations and good job!

  4. Kiosk ? Is it ported to kde4 ? Where can i find docs on it ?

  5. @kboite:

    Yes, Kiosk is ported to KDE4. The graphical tool to configure it (Kiosk Tool) is not. You can find more about Kiosk mode README.kiosk in kdelibs.

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