The deadline for accepting student proposals for Google Summer of Code was reached an hour ago, which means we are not accepting any new proposal and students cannot modify already-submitted proposals.

I have skimmed over the list and I am impressed: 8 proposals were received for 5 of my “wishes“! :-O

There was 1 proposal for libQtGit, 1 proposal for single applications for KDE Windows, 3 proposals for a new KDE Windows installer, 2 proposals for KDE Demo and 1 proposal for KDE Dolphin “Previous versions” support.

Not bad! It’s a pity I didn’t start this series earlier, because I still have a dozen more “wishes” waiting.

Mentors: go to Melange and vote, and also follow the instructions Lydia sent to kde-soc-mentor.

4 Thoughts on ““A wish a day” did very well in GSoC proposals

  1. TheBlackCat on Friday 08th April 2011 at 21:56:53 said:

    Is there a way for non-mentors to see a list of proposals?

  2. @TheBlackCat:

    I don’t think so. If you are given the URL to a proposal, you can review it even if you are not a mentor in that organization, but if you do not have the URL, AFAIK you cannot see the proposal, or a list of proposals

  3. Who needs that many KDE-installers? 😀

  4. How many chances do you think they have to be funded by GSoC?
    You can read my proposal over here it’s for the installer.

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