Once more, I’m going to FOSDEM 2014, the largest Free/Libre/Open Source Software event in Europe (5,000 attendants every year).


As usual, I will be in charge of the Desktops DevRoom, together with our friends from Gnome (Christophe Fergeau), Unity (Didier Roche), Enlightenment (Philippe Caseiro) and others.

See you in Brussels 1-2 February 2014!

BTW, have you already submitted your talk proposal for the Desktops DevRoom? The deadline (15th December) is very close! Do not wait any more!!! See the details here: FOSDEM 2014 Desktops DevRoom Call for Talks

One Thought on “Going to FOSDEM 2014

  1. Martin Scheffler on Tuesday 10th December 2013 at 07:11:58 said:

    I will hold a talk on Qt at the game dev devroom that runs in parallel. Topic is:
    Game and Simulation development with Qt – Use of Qt for developing tools and core components for games and simulations

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