Caja Negra Teatro representa “El perro del hortelano”, de Lope de Vega

Mi ex-grupo de teatro representa del 25 al 28 de abril en la Universitat Politècnica de València la obra de teatro “El perro del hortelano”. Teneis información completa en el web de Caja Negra Teatro

Os recomiendo que vayais a verla, el año pasado representamos “Cruzadas” (de Michel Azama) y “El sueño de una noche de verano” (de William Shakesperare), con un rotundo éxito (más de 4000 espectadores).

DIY: PC water cooler

Here you have an article explaining how to build your own PC water-cooled freezer. With photos. Funny, at least.

Here you have it: an electronics company has developed drinking glasses which signal when they are almost empty so that table staff know when to bring a refill.

Of course, it has been invented in Japan.

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Done. Hell! how I hate those programs (i.e. CuteFTP) that pretend they are intelligent and you are stupid: I do not need any program to rename my files. I give them exactly the name I want.

Some of us stay a long time (6 or more hours) in front of the computer. We work all the day typing with the keyboard or moving the mouse. And we are humans (yes, it’s incredible, but it’s true), so we use to sweat.

This guy seems to have a mouse in his hand for long hours, so he has invented a way not to have sweaty hands. The page is in Finnish (and the Fish won’t help you), but photos speak by themselves.